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Ian and Carrie - Married - Part I

This wedding was so many things - glamorous, artsy, modern, classic, sporty and chic all at the same time.  As I got to know Carrie and Ian, I realized that only these two could pull it all off in this way.  It was glamorous because of the dress and the whole image that was Carrie.  It was artsy because of her mom's art studio where Carrie and her bridal team got ready.  It was modern because of Mint Museum where the reception was held.  It was classic because of St. Peter's Catholic Church where the ceremony was.  It was sporty because of The Tiger, Clemson's mascot who came to visit and help cut the cake.  And finally, it was chic, because when you put all these together, how can anyone argue that chic is what you get.  I was only glad to be the fly on the wall to capture it all.