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Seth and Claudia - International Love!

Seth and Claudia have a love story that covers the world - literally.  Across the ocean and continents, these two have found each other and I was honored to witness their love uniting.  Claudia is from Milan, Italy.  Seth is from Boston.  To take it to the next level, they decided to get hitched in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in a beautiful Italian villa run by Claudia's family called Anticavilla. This event was truly spectacular!  From the rehearsal dinner held at the Hacienda of Hernan Cortez, yes, the Conquistador himself, to the most awesome pink, centuries-old cathedral, to a gorgeous garden filled with peacocks and other exotic birds, a fully outfitted Mariachi band, and of course, I cannot leave out a sweet gesture to Italy - a Fiat 500, a red one at that.  I wish these two beautiful people all the love and joy that a marriage can offer!